Scaling primes, now with D

Hey all, I’ve reworked my prime number tutorial as a lead-in to the D language. It has piqued my interest and as such I’ll be writing a bit about it. As always, any feedback is appreciated 🙂

Prime numbers

I’ve just written a first part into scaling solutions — calculating prime numbers. The intent is to use this as a more or less standard test for scaling performance. This series should also make it apparant that different problem scales have different appropriate solutions 🙂

Overdrive Logger

Two updates — I’ve changed the layout of this site, which really helps when viewing source code. Limited horizontal space has already influenced my coding style quite a bit, but for this site there was a quick solution to the problem. Still, my CSS skills are a bit rusty so there may be room for improvement.

Also, I’ve done a complete rewrite of the Overdrive Logger (Game Engine tutorial #2).

It’s much more fancy and advanced now, while keeping a friendly interface. Enjoy 🙂

Overdrive C++11 rewrite

I’m working on rewriting my game engine to C++11 completely – the work isn’t quite done yet, but if you’re interested you can find the repository at github.

It’s not complete yet, but good enough to begin updating the engine tutorials as soon as I have time for that.

As always, I really appreciate any comments and/or suggestions you might have 😉

C++ Meet 2013

I’m going to visit C++Meet 2013! This will be the first time that I visit a C++ conference, looking forward to it 🙂

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