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TEDx Amsterdam, here I come

After going to TEDx Twente, next I’ll be going to TEDx Amsterdam! The company I work at (Re-lion) was invited to give a talk there, which is incredibly fortunate ^_^

Looking forward to it!

[edit] Apparantly we won’t be going after all… it has something to do with the request for a demonstration of our VR training product while we don’t get an opportunity to set up the system. Sigh… too bad 🙁

TEDx Twente

I’ve gotten an invitation for attending TEDx Twente, which looks like it should be a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to it, it seems like a great conference to be.

Many of my friends mistook the meaning of the invitation and expected that I’d do a presentation there. Sorry to disappoint people, but maybe next year.

I don’t really do many presentations anyway, but the idea does appeal to me. Food for thought I guess 😛

[edit] TEDx Twente was pretty good, I had a great time there 🙂

Gogbot 2013

This year I’ll be volunteering in the weekend at the Gogbot festival; seems like the theme is pretty controversial this time around. We’ll see what happens 😛

[edit] It turned out pretty good, I had a great time meeting many friends all over the place. The artists interpreted the theme (erotek) pretty mildly… all the commotion surrounding the festival turned out to be more about what people thought would happen, rather than what actually happened. Somewhat surprising, but it’s probably better this way.

Rewrite underway

Lately I’ve been busy re-implementing much of my game engine, taking advantage of many new C++11 features to make things more concise and expressive. While this process is mostly a good thing(tm), it also means that pretty much all of my tutorials are getting out of date… I hope to update them in the near(ish) future, although there’s no clear schedule for it yet.

Just so you know, it’s coming… and it’ll be glorious 😀

Oculus Rift has arrived

My Oculus Rift has arrived, and it’s just the best thing ever! It’s still obviously a work-in-progress but still it has some of the best immersion I’ve ever experienced with a HMD. I’m still experimenting with the tracker and stuff which seems to be very accurate.

I’ll definately integrate Rift support in my game engine, and with the holidays coming up I’ll probably have some time to revise/update/complete the tutorial series.

Looking forward to it! ^_^

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