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Back from holiday

I’ve just returned from a two week road trip around Europe. I’ve been just about everywhere and it was awesome. Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana, Milan, Bern and Luxemburg in two weeks! An amazing time, and as expected many of the places I’ve visited really need more than a day to explore.

The good – most places were amazing, and at the very least good tourist destinations. There were a few surprises, such as Ljubljana which turned out to be a very nice city. The weather was incredibly good along the way; a little too good maybe. Which was one of the bad points – four persons traveling in a small vehicle while it’s over 30 degrees centigrade outside with no air conditioning can safely be described as a mild form of torture.

We chose our destinations in such a way that no single trip should take over six hours, but even then it was very tiring to do. The one trip that will always stay with me was going from Milan to Bern, straight through the Alps while dodging as many highways as possible. An amazing journey with spectacular views in the mountains, traversing through whimsy villages with clear blue mountain lakes, climbing along bendy roads with waterfalls and such. Really great (except for the congestion before the Gothart-tunnel).

Righto, now I’m back and I’m ready to get started again on various projects. I’m toying with the idea of starting another tutorial, but it’s probably better to continue my current one 😛

Hiphop on Campus

Last weekend was Hiphop on Campus, the first event I’ve organized in a while now and it was pretty good! I’ve even done a little graffiti piece myself, with the help of Rento:

All in all, it’s been nice 😉

Too bad I did’t have time to join the Ludum Dare competition though… My friend Tinco did make a contribution for that, check it out.

Moved my blog

I’ve moved! Both physically and virtually, really. After a really long time at the university campus I’ve moved to a little flat in Enschede. New surroundings, new roommates, lots of exciting, new stuff 🙂

And, as you can see, my little blog has been moved to

This means that the site is no longer locally hosted by my own workstation and I’m free to turn it off every once in a while 😉

Feel free to contact me with suggestions and such, as I’m probably forgetting lots of stuff.

On another note, I’ve been busy with a couple of things – I went to the STRP festival and saw the ISAM show, really amazing stuff. I also went ahead and did a ‘Leadership’ course, some interesting stuff was going on there as well. I’m not entirely sure it will pan out to anything concrete, but at least I had a good time there. And now I can put ‘Certified Leader’ on my resume 😉

I’m toying with the idea of building a boombox based around a Raspberry Pi, a couple of guys I know are willing to help and it seems like a great way to get to know the hardware. It’s been a while since I’ve done any soldering though… we’ll see how it goes.

Until next time! Stay sexy!

Not dead yet!

I do realize I’ve not been really updating my site lately, and that’s about to change! There are a lot of changes going on in my life and this site is definitely on the list of stuff that needs to change.

On another note I’ve switched to Linux on my old laptop, hoping that its sucky performance was purely a windows issue… it’s not purely a windows issue. So now I’ve ordered a shiny new SSD hard disk, which should both make it more robust, and a lot quicker. I just hope that I won’t need a lot of disk space 😛

Later this month I’m going to the STRP festival. I had a great time last year, and this time around there are performances of Amon Tobin and Aphex Twin. I don’t know many of the artists in the exposition, but Theo Jansens’ Strandbeest looks like a winner 🙂

Looking forward to the end of the year, when the Raspberry Pi should become available. The specs are impressive, very much so for the price; for that price it could become the basis for a lot of Arduino-like maker projects. And it seems easier to program for/with.

We’ll have to see what the future brings.

Grenswerk Festival

Last week I’ve been working as a volunteer at the Grenswerk Festival of the Arts (sorry, Dutch only). It’s been a wonderful festival, I’ve had a great time and even ended up in the newspaper a couple of times because of it. As an added bonus I got to hang out with Louke again, which always makes me happy 🙂

If you haven’t tried it before, try helping out at a local festival – meet interesting people, have loads of fun!

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