Back from holiday

I’ve just returned from a two week road trip around Europe. I’ve been just about everywhere and it was awesome. Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana, Milan, Bern and Luxemburg in two weeks! An amazing time, and as expected many of the places I’ve visited really need more than a day to explore.

The good – most places were amazing, and at the very least good tourist destinations. There were a few surprises, such as Ljubljana which turned out to be a very nice city. The weather was incredibly good along the way; a little too good maybe. Which was one of the bad points – four persons traveling in a small vehicle while it’s over 30 degrees centigrade outside with no air conditioning can safely be described as a mild form of torture.

We chose our destinations in such a way that no single trip should take over six hours, but even then it was very tiring to do. The one trip that will always stay with me was going from Milan to Bern, straight through the Alps while dodging as many highways as possible. An amazing journey with spectacular views in the mountains, traversing through whimsy villages with clear blue mountain lakes, climbing along bendy roads with waterfalls and such. Really great (except for the congestion before the Gothart-tunnel).

Righto, now I’m back and I’m ready to get started again on various projects. I’m toying with the idea of starting another tutorial, but it’s probably better to continue my current one 😛

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