Rewrite underway

Lately I’ve been busy re-implementing much of my game engine, taking advantage of many new C++11 features to make things more concise and expressive. While this process is mostly a good thing(tm), it also means that pretty much all of my tutorials are getting out of date… I hope to update them in the near(ish) future, although there’s no clear schedule for it yet.

Just so you know, it’s coming… and it’ll be glorious 😀

2 thoughts on “Rewrite underway

  1. Hi,
    Can i ASK you for a short update statement about the tutorials? Will they continue/updated.
    I really understand that there may be limited time for the Website, but it is hard to See how old the latest part is (no date in that sites).
    I like this tutorial and cant wait to see more.

    So long,

    1. Hello Maleachi, and thanks for your interest! I’m still planning to continue the tutorial, although it really has been a long while since I’ve done a writeup. I’ll try to fit it in a monthly update schedule, expect the next part by the end of Februari 😉

      – Gijs

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