Green Vibrations

This years’ edition of the Green Vibrations festival was fantastic as always ^_^

The first year I really didn’t do anything to actually build the festival, I had great fun as a visitor. Dancing like a retard with my breakdance crew was awesome 😉

Keep up the good work guys!

Windows Ceres Solver Guide

Hi all, I’ve just added a step-by-step guide on how to compile Google Ceres Solver for Windows using VC2012. You can find it here.

Ordered some new toys

These are exciting times! I’ve just spent $300 on an Oculus Rift, and am really looking forward to playing around with it. Lately I’ve bought several devices to just play around with and I’m thinking about mixing them all together.

The toys – an Oculus Rift, Razer Hydra and Raspberry Pi. I’m still thinking about a mobile power solution, but the Raspberry actually works on a couple of AA batteries. The Hydra actually generates a magnetic field around 2m in size, and I have no clue how much power the Rift requires, but I’m hoping to make a fully mobile immersive VR solution.

Of course this will require a bit of VR software to actually display stuff, and I will probably port my game engine to the Raspberry to do just this. This means making a linux or android version that uses the OpenGL ES bindings. Again, I have no idea how good the performance will be, but high performance is *the* thing that makes or breaks immersion in such a project. (update: I’ve ordered a similar, but higher powered dev board from china – hackerberry)

I’ll update the engine tutorials whenever I have time (which could take a while), but I’m actually pretty excited about this. Interfacing with a hydra, making use of headtracking sensors, correcting for optical distortions, cross-platform coding and engine tuning/optimizing for 60hz are all kind of unusual features that are essential for the project. Here’s to making the future 😉

Back from holiday

I’ve just returned from a two week road trip around Europe. I’ve been just about everywhere and it was awesome. Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana, Milan, Bern and Luxemburg in two weeks! An amazing time, and as expected many of the places I’ve visited really need more than a day to explore.

The good – most places were amazing, and at the very least good tourist destinations. There were a few surprises, such as Ljubljana which turned out to be a very nice city. The weather was incredibly good along the way; a little too good maybe. Which was one of the bad points – four persons traveling in a small vehicle while it’s over 30 degrees centigrade outside with no air conditioning can safely be described as a mild form of torture.

We chose our destinations in such a way that no single trip should take over six hours, but even then it was very tiring to do. The one trip that will always stay with me was going from Milan to Bern, straight through the Alps while dodging as many highways as possible. An amazing journey with spectacular views in the mountains, traversing through whimsy villages with clear blue mountain lakes, climbing along bendy roads with waterfalls and such. Really great (except for the congestion before the Gothart-tunnel).

Righto, now I’m back and I’m ready to get started again on various projects. I’m toying with the idea of starting another tutorial, but it’s probably better to continue my current one 😛

Hiphop on Campus

Last weekend was Hiphop on Campus, the first event I’ve organized in a while now and it was pretty good! I’ve even done a little graffiti piece myself, with the help of Rento:

All in all, it’s been nice 😉

Too bad I did’t have time to join the Ludum Dare competition though… My friend Tinco did make a contribution for that, check it out.

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